Manufacturing & Restoration

    We have been building steam calliopes for 30 years now for various companies and private owners.  With our experience in building the instruments, we have been asked to help restore existing calliopes to proper working order, or to build replacement whistles and keyboards.  Many of our instruments and ones we have restored can still be seen and heard today.


Manufactured Morecraft Calliopes


Steam Barge ANNA MARIE

    This calliope was originally Morecraft Manufacturing’s 30 note demonstrational model, it debuted in 1985 to promote newer instruments. It was sold to Madison Coal and Supply for the steam barge ANNA MARIE in 1994.






    The calliope onboard the steamboat BELLE OF LOUISVILLE is a 32 note instrument and was installed in 1988.  Although the keyboard, valves, and manifold were already onboard the boat, it needed new whistles.  Our whistles to this day still serve their purpose on this national historic landmark, just as they did when they were installed.






  This instrument was made for the Str. SUCCES based in the Netherlands, its owner at the time Dr. William Murphy requested this design in the traditional Nichol style calliope with 32 notes, manifold, and keyboard.  It made its first debut in 1992 at the “Tall Stacks” festival in Cincinnati Ohio.  Later it was installed on SUCCES and still operates today.





    In 1995 the former Delta Queen Steamboat Company had a new boat added to its fleet called the AMERICAN QUEEN, the calliope was custom designed to existing blueprints.  This is the largest Morecraft Calliope built, a 37 note instrument, and the second largest in the world next to the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN.  Along with the whistles a newly constructed keyboard was made for the boat by Morecraft Manufacturing.






In 1996 the former International Marine Company requested a set of new whistles for a newly constructed boat on Lake Ashi in Japan.  The boat FRONTIER was built to look like a steamboat from the 1800s. This 32 note calliope was installed on the bow of the boat, just below the pilot house, as apposed to the traditional stern mounting.




Sparks Circus Calliope

    These are believed to be the whistles from the Sparks Circus Calliope, it is owned by the Circus City Festival of Peru Indiana.  In 1980 we helped restore it to proper playable conditions and built a new keyboard for the instrument.





Str. Washington Calliope


This is the calliope that came from the Str. WASHINGTON; it is now owned by Dr. William Murphy, who had it on the Str. SUCCES.  It was originally a 28 note Nichol calliope, at Dr. Murphy request it was turned into a 32 note instrument.  Later it was replaced on SUCCES by a Morecraft Calliope; it now resides with Dr. Murphy in Miami Florida.





Str. Delta Queen


    In 1994 at the request of the former Delta Queen Steamboat Company, a new calliope whistle was made for the DELTA QUEEN, to replace its low C#.





Indiana University Calliope

    The calliope is owned by the Indiana University Purdue University Alumni Association, it was originally the calliope from the showboat MAJESTIC. It was maintained and looked after by the late Larry MacPherson. Since his passing, the Morecraft Manufacturing Company for the last 15 years has cared for and maintained it.  Currently it is used yearly at the Indiana State Fair.




Cole Bros. Circus Calliope “America”


    Known as the “America Calliope” for the wagon it is housed in.  It was originally put in the "America" after a fire at their winter quarter destroyed Cole Bros.’ calliope wagon.  It is currently owned by the Circus World Museum of Baraboo Wisconsin.  We helped restore the "America Calliope" to proper working order when the decision was made to renovate and restore “America” in 1998.